Meet Kaejah Jaezelle. Kaejah is almost 4 years old and trying to claim favorite child status from her older brothers and sister.  She lives in Ohio and was diagnosed with PACS1 in 2016.


Similar to most children who have PACS1, Kaejah has struggled to learn how to feed herself and to walk or talk. But her parents know that one day she will do all this and more.  They eagerly await the day that will be watching her dance to the music videos Kaejah loves.


Kaejah’s journey to diagnosis was difficult and long. But her parents trusted their instincts and kept at doctors until Exome sequencing was finally performed. Learning that their precious girl would always have special needs and need assistance, Kaejah’s parents are grateful that they finally have the answers to why their daughter was not achieving her milestones. They were able to journey to the First USA PACS1 Family weekend and were so thankful to meet parents just like them.


Kaejah and her parents encourage you to never give up hope or asking for answers.

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